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Thursday, 4 August 2011

How Can - Eleanor Diplock. Written on May 7th 2011.

Settle, Settle, Settle down
your far too young to be knocked around
you're not, you're not, you're not a rag doll,
so why do you present yourself as one?

How do you expect people to respect you
(when you act like your broken)
your not, your not a toy
so fix yourself, your open

chorus; open to desires,
open to little fires,
that thrive on your skin,
open up your eyes,
the world aint so bright,
although I'm only living a little part of it

How can,
How can,
how do you act so afraid?
you can't learn from new experiences,
without jumping out the page
I can read you like a book
but I cant foretell its end unless you change
you and I both know, we're foolish and the same


ending: Such a lovely face,
for such an ugly life,
you could throw it away,
or live your second lie

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