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Friday, 5 August 2011

Title: I. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Softly sleeping as I wipe my smile away,
I start to agree there have been better days,
I can't help but sound obsessed,
you've got me so depressed
troubles in my mind,
questions all the time,
I'm tired of chasing every word you rhyme
they're all so damaging
to my youthful, deceitful ears

Chorus: I lack faith in myself,
I lack faith in myself,
because of this, because of you
the past stays bitter and true,
a constant reminder of all I had
I threw it away
Lust, love, sanity

I want to understand, you better
I want to last forever
seeking happiness deep inside
never forgetting you by my side
oh how sad I sound,
and how sad it seems
I'd rather be sad and alive
than dead and in my dreams


Ending: Give me everything,
give me all,
I'll expect less, and take a fall
Because with you here tonight,
With you here by my side,

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