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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Title: Oh how. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I sacrificed, it all
and like a child, I took a fall
Oh what a shame, to us all
What a shame, I called

I missed your words, of bitterness
I missed your twisted smile
that hooked me like none other for a while
I'd hope and pray,
deep down we'd be safe again,
in our sorrows we build a home,
but there's home without love

Chorus: Oh how to be delicate,
but at the same time so arrogant
I'd wish for you a thousand smiles
to take away your weary eyes
and you would look so beautiful
in my eyes you would shine
you'd beat any other light
above all this,
all of this darkness

And how to be over such broken bodies that shake my bones,
and how to get over such broken hearts that shake me, inside
I never knew I could feel, feel more pain for you, my darling boy
and how to be ashamed of myself,
for being more than just there


ending: And darling, I'd hope
and darling, I'd pray
but keeping fingers crossed doesn't ever delay rainy days
so tomorrow I will stay.

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