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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Title: For love, I'd hope. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

If I were to wait for you, again
I'd promise myself to hold back
all these emotions piling in my head
worry less child, sleep instead

If I were different I'd be so free,
catching all the enemies, setting them on me
keep them in the cage, trapped forever
you and me can laugh and say we'd never be apart
when the truth,
the truth is in our hearts

Chorus: Settle down,
Settle down,
you can't run away from all you haven't yet found
I'll keep you, forever my dear
buried deep inside, another ocean of fear
buried deep inside, I'll keep you near

To be rescued, to be loved, to be wanted
all because, I can and I should be
but with you it's not just reality
I could hope for another day
just another day with you
in your arms of safety


Ending: I would wish,
I would love,
for you and me,
just because
there's no three words better than to say
I'll leave you and I'll love you
all the more today.

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