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Friday, 5 August 2011

Title: And I. Written by: Eleanor Diplock.

I've always felt such disappointment
in myself, and in some ways you
I've never sought to far
in anything brand new

You're something special,
and you don't know it,
a rarity,
a rarity,
You're something special
and you just don't know it
a rarity,

chorus: Wrap me tighter with warm wise words,
I'd like to think one day I could be your girl,
and for now my dreams will do,
because in my dreams it's me and you
and forever I shall sleep
and forever hope I'd never wake
In my dreams, my hearts at bay

I try so hard to be a better person,
a warmer heart, a warmer soul
but when you're cold and bitter it's not so certain
a tougher try is no longer working,
I need new energies,
I need positivity,
I'll just sleep, I'll just sleep
in my dreams life's so perfect
in my dreams I can work at it
reality's such a calamity, when you're not around


Ending: And I'd hope that you and I could settle down,
I don't care about kids I just want me and you for now,
I know my dreams are a million smiles away,
all I can do is watch them fade away.

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