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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Title: Us. Written By : Eleanor Diplock.

Life really is too short to even care at all,
push past insecurities, you're named a fool
I act so shy and innocent at times,
but with each line I sing I'm fucking you over till you're brand new and you shine

I could sit around and weep all day at how people change and it shouldn't be this way
but I've got no time to worry when I've got you
on my mind,
on my mind

Chorus: It's always been you right from the start,
you've got those eyes that seep through my heart,
and I found it, happiness
and I found you, happiness
once more

I had a vision of us in a few days time,
I would say years but that'd be a lie,
you and I are happy, and happy are we
I've got you and you've got me


Ending: Picture me in a few weeks time,
is my mouth still creased forming smiles from lines
Picture me in a few days time,
is my heart still heavy with you on my mind...

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