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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Title: For you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

It starts with letters, hurdled from your youthful tongue
you act so wise but inside your crying, crying for advice
you seek helping hands from the bottle, it's all you've ever known

And it's never your fault,
never your fault,
you never were a selfish child, you just wanted the best
for everybody, but you

You're holding on to tethered lines,
breaking the mould,
tonight I reckon you'll be fine,
but with a sweet kiss goodnight,
your dreams will be bitter,
bitter alright

Chorus: You've got some big dreams,
in that melancholy mind
cheer up baby, you'll be fine
you think the world's over,
but you're only breathing, you're not even alive

You twist fate and spin round several times,
you make excuses, but I know that it's fine,
it's all I've ever known,
slowly let me down,
slowly let me down


Ending: I'm watching you,
a balloon losing air,
deflating with age,
you're barely there
you're barely there

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