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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Title: Self-wreck. By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'm a wreck,
I know, I know
you're the track that leads me home

I lay my body down twice a day,
and you don't even ask whether I'm okay

Chorus: I'm hoping,
for brighter days where
summer seems not far away
I'm hoping
for brighter days where
everyone and everything is better

You and I have differences,
they say opposites attract when they clearly don't,
we all search for the perfect quote,
You, and I have similarities, si-similarities
but they're not so involved


You call it flirting, but it hurts us both
You call if flirting, but it hurts the most


Ending: Self-wreck, I'm writing myself off
I'm limited to every second we have lost
Self-wreck, it's my own fault for losing myself to you
my sanity, has fallen through

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