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Friday, 5 August 2011

Title: Bitter Taste. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Told, to be
to be smarter
to be stronger
to be happier
to be prettier

I'm a human being,
I can't be defined by a list,
of foolish letters,
I'm a human being,
I can feel everything,
but unlike you,
I can't taste the sour words I spit off my tongue
but unlike you, I like you

Frozen smiles I fear your fall,
you're beautiful ruins it all
and you're broken, I can see it
and you're weary eyes believe it,
fool, fool, so quiet now

Chorus: The bitter taste has left my tongue,
the suns gone down and we're alone
but I feel vulnerable like a child now
your dominant presence prowls proud
and I'd like for me to take it all away
and I'd like for you to come over and stay
but I'd be waiting...

Twisted sights I see you near,
nothing left for me to fear,
and I'd pray to god that one day
we'd become something, saved
in our memories


Ending: The sour taste has left my tongue
The bitter words I yell from my lungs
and I'd pray to god to keep me this way,
because I know I can be better, and I've tried
I've tried, today.

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