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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Title: Linger. By: Eleanor Diplock.

Your face carries the weight of your heart
I'd hope to god we'd never sail apart
the tides pull us apart, and we're better this way
even if we don't admit it through the words that we say

Your smile lingers on my breath,
each word I say it turns us colder, colder
Your eyes they linger on my smile,
each breath I take your words are sharp, sharp as knives in the back

Chorus: I only care when you're gone,
I recollect my memories,
store them all day long,
I never call you back (you never call me)
I never doubted that

Your touch so cold upon my lips,
you say hushed letters any fool would slip down,
slip down for a while, a while

I'd swim the ocean, maybe just a river for you
helplessly helpless, and none the wiser too
I'd watch the flowers grow in hope for your presence,
in hope for you


Ending: Your smile it lingers on my breath,
the letters I never said.

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