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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Title: I'll remember. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Forget me, leave them all behind
they're the worries in the back of your mind,
they'll grind you down, to a blissful dust
there's no compromises, it's a must

Just let go, be yourself
you've been afraid of your shadow far too long, child
you've been told by many you're different,
be thankful you're not the same as those who spat those words at your ears

Chorus: To be one, to be wanted
to be thought about,
forget me not, forget me now
It's all up to you, you've got the world in the palm of you hands
you just don't know it yet,
you've yet to learn the ways of wisdom

If there were a moment where I could love you less,
it would not even be a split second,
you're the reason I'm clinging on to thin air,
you're the reason I can hope


Ending: I'll always remember who you made me,
who I've now become,
I'll never regret or forget bittersweet memories,
you certainly now know,
once the thing you love most has gone,
there's nothing to love at all.

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