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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Title: I can no longer. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Careless hearts
Careless thoughts
say bitterness softly, quickly
washed out with a drag or two
of your favorite cigarette

I watch you, dumbly
I watch you, numbly
softly drowning sorrows with another sip or your favorite drink
I feel your sadness,
I feel your sadness,
like the shore it slowly drifts on in

Chorus: Would you look at me like I look at you
or would it scare you to feel the way I do
when all I know and feel is real
numb the pain and reel me in,
I wish for longer nights with you,
even though there's space between us
a sparks still new,
each time and hour that passes our lips
I feel you near,
I feel new trips

This would be so much easier
if  I couldn't feel,
feel so much sorrow,
feel so surreal in your arms,
all I would love for is for love in your eyes
but hoping is waiting and I've done my time


Ending: I can no longer tell you,
how long I can wait,
my days are endless,
and I know this isn't fate

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