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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Title: Fool. Written by: Eleanor Diplock.

Stuck in the middle of it all,
and you don't even notice,
you're oblivious and a fool,
self-contained, this time a good call

You call it flirting but it hurts,
when you say those careful words,
I hesitate each time I'm here,
Hesitate whether to bother and care

Chorus: And I'm sick and tired,
of always being sick and tired,
and I'm sick of pretentious people,
they're all around me,
spreading open,
I've lost my breath,
you've gained a token.

You should always know,
that I'm here,
even when you don't even care,
You should know that I'm always here,
even if you don't have the time of the day
to give to yourself,
you give yourself suddenly away,
to private jokes in the bathroom
you're all alone....and


ending: I'm foolish for caring,
caring so foolishly,
I'd hope for a better way to say
without words on my tongue
how much it hurts,
when you're around.

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