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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Title: What you gave. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'll never make it all alone,
I'll never make it following the track, home
I'd never take it, the option to fall back in your arms
for another day with you would be oh so revealing,
I could challenge myself in so many beautiful ways,
but hearing your voice, I disintegrate

Chorus: You give me,
more than a feeling,
without any doubts you keep on reeling,
you have every ability under the sun,
you consume more than the meaning
when the day is done

I'd like to go to the seaside,
I'm becoming a recluse,
I'll fall in love on my own,
It takes me home
I'd love to go to the seaside,
it's tranquility holds me to the shore,
drags me back until I return no more

I'm just trying to remove myself from my foul ways,
but it's hard when all that is foul are habits,
bad habits, shake them off
shake them off
like all the girls you used to love


ending: You gave me something to believe in,
deceit, deceit
you gave me more than just a feeling,
you gave me stories to sink my mind in,
my teeth hang loose as the gritting thought of your name
You gave me something to believe in,
deceit settles in.

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