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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Title: Gave you all. Written by: Eleanor Diplock.

I gave you all
For you to drag me down
You’re pulling me around
Like a pre-owned rag doll

You’re spinning me around
Like you couldn’t hear a sound
Although I’ll scream from the top of my lungs

You couldn’t stick around
For this love you still haven’t found
But it’s all good, you’ll detour
From your desired tracks

Chorus : I gave you all
Not for you to knock me down
I’ll get back around
As soon as I find my head
I gave you all
Not for you to drag me down,
But I’ll get back up
When I hear the next sound of screams,
A sound of dreams, it seems
Utterly wonderful

Don’t say I’m the girl you’ve found,
Unless you know your sure,
You’re not even aware of the fact
You’re floating amongst the shores

A weightless body,
A heavy mind,
Just float on by,
As I watch you


Ending: I gave you all,
I’m not your rag doll,
You can stop dragging me around
Like a lonely little chi-ld

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