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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Title: Fragment of you.

I watch you evolve, so effortlessly
you could blind any fool with illusion
dressed in the night's we'll see
what more is there to do but try
what more is there to do but try

leave me no space for surprise
no flicker from my eyes
speak softly, catch me guilty counting the truths in you
fragments of my heart linger inside of your minds blind spot
but you're too full to feel at all
you're my counterpart

Chorus: don't wake me from this daydream
I've become the pretender, the surrenderer
to your daily call
I can never run free from you
into your arms my life was thrown
still you declare it's just the beginning
we're better left unsaid
all the worries in your head
they crawl on our faces when we're sprawled in your silk sheet kisses

so when, will I be enough for you?
will you promise to see me through?
I'm not easy but I'm easy to breathe
absorb me into your flaw filled mind
I'll stay awake until I'm what you find
and when, will I provide sufficient love for you?


ending: nothing requires a change in my mind
but it's so deceitful and unexpected when you smile
and you hold still, you remain elegant for just one moment
and it's a fragment of my imagination
the endless suffering of my creation
and it's all for you to feel
it's all for you to feel

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