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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Title: Yearn.

My emotions as raw as the sun in denial
slowly surrendering to the night sky
I wait for you, I wait for you
this is the everlasting dream of you and I
the depths of my vessel are forever aching for you
for your touch, your reassurance, for your sanity
for comparison is a thief but with you I'm much better

my lonely heart with a rate so rapid
for your hands to see, for your lips to feel
we've to become lukewarm
aware of our surroundings
now that it isn't just us, never alone

Chorus: Tell me honest words through your silver teeth
I'll listen, I promise to try to be everything you feel inside
although you're not one to discover how helpful lies are
through the grit in my bones, to the delicate home I've survived

I'm the soar in the sky,
forever falling into you
I'm still unaware as to why
I treat you like I do
but it's the best that I can do
in such short notice, the acknowledgment of your beauty
wraps around my iris, throws my mind back and forth


ending: oh, and how wonderful it would be
for you to actually notice me, to take in every shade of my skin
to learn to love, learn to leave, learn to return
once more, once again
yearning, yearning for your presence
an art I seem to practice

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