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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Title: NMNL

No more no less
I'll procrastinate without you
and it's within the meeting of our eyes
no more no less, no
it's a feeling I can't quite digest
I compromise for disaster
chaos lingers on your lips
no more no less
heart heavy, unneeded mess
and I'm surviving, no more no less than I did beside you

warm sheets cold heart
bodies next to another
kisses kept under dirty covers
hideaway, we hideaway until we're over
the discovery of us leads to the final words we already said

Chorus: my heart is surviving a little more but much less
by your side I'm in too deep of your pretense
I absorb your warmth
 through witty words from your lungs to your chest
you have no cares in the world, you're just getting by
I'm the figure in the back of your mind
overdosed on lust it's not surprising
bury me under leaves emptiness
I hideaway, I hideaway until we're over

I just can't keep up with the reeling
the promising outlook we'll forever cease to see
I'm wrapped up in your chemistry, human biology takes the best of me


ending: no more
no less
no less, no more
until we're over
no more, no less
no less, no more
until we're over

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