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Monday, 29 October 2012

Title: Surrenderer

And if I promise to leave will you subtly offer to stay?
and it's what lies beneath that keeps my mind far from bay
the tides of bad timing and human error
physical flaws repulse any person who looks my way
and it's the stillness of the sound, the coldness of your breath
that lingers and will forever set my heart to lay

startled by your headlights, your mind is overworked
you'll stray far from words that could never come out of your sewn lips
but the actions you take speak so quietly, until we meet at our hips
and somehow we believe we could never be apart tonight
how could this ever define us?

Chorus: I become the surrenderer, to your required call
and I'll never leave, I'll never leave
I fear too much will be forgotten, I'll be dead and gone
buried under remorse in your mind and past worry in your heart
and I'll never leave, I'll never leave
as long as you're somehow with me
in any form, any vessel, just be

the words I speak from my lips
I'm the first to hear
and forever you'll be the blame my darling
for being far too close in a place so far but near
and the more I push you away the closer we become
intertwined in a haze of madness
caught as fools by the sun


ending: and I'll never leave
you carry me, you carry me

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