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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Title: The downfall

forever buried in the depths of loneliness
suffocating on everything I'll never be
enough, enough, enough for you
visible flaws, outweigh any good in me
oh the possibilities I could endure, if I had beauty on my side
I sleep with silk sheets to feel soft, to feel you

I could never know, how to feel anything
anything other than low
picking apart my flesh and bones
until I'm destroyed, until there's nothing left of me but simplicity
innocent imitations of how we could be
I pretend I pretend I pretend you'd never retreat
in my imagination, you are made of gold

Chorus: a conversation for me to hold,
you're the reflection staring back
criticise me until I stand old
I promised to never listen
I promised to never understand
but when my heart flows bruises
you're hesitant to offer any forced hand
you move so fast, and I so slow
we're both the same somehow, so I'm told
we're both near as we are far apart

unseen comparisons,
thief of the mind,
I could never be rescued
drowned forever ago
for you


ending: I sleep with silk sheets
to feel soft, to feel close, to feel you
I rest beneath seas
to feel rough, to feel far, to feel you

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