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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Title: Lust tokes. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

My eyes gazed upon yours,
but you knew I was someplace else, anywhere else
I knew you were empty and alone
yet I still found myself close to you
I'm never leaving your side, home is wherever you are

a bitter word clings to my lungs
it's the words I can't say but I wish I could have done
my breath is bitter now, and it's cold outside
I inhale your touch,  I know you're too sober
for whatever we are

Chorus: Drag me in, choke on my veins that allows fools to rush in
a heavy heart is better than one that can't be felt at all
reality is a figment of my imagination
I push you aside along with my wit
I'll never let you forget, forget

sweetheart, you linger
on my skin, cheap perfume you remembered
how it felt to be, how it felt to be
in love again

daydreamer, serious I'll never be
hopelessly surrendering to your every word
a kiss stays on the corners of my lips for you
I promise you


ending: pull me close, tear me up, fix me up again
I'm afraid this lust has been happening
for too long, I've let you forget again

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