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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Title: Never enough. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Through thick and thin,
the state I'm in
I vary for your mind, I vary for your eyes
a shapeshifter in disguise
I'm the bluest of skies
yet your eyes never notice
you're oblivious to this

I'd stay up for days for you
I'd dig myself a grave, for you
bury me beneath butterflies of attempts and failures
you know I'd never rest until you increased your knowledge of me

Chorus: And do you even know me at all
I think we're strangers bound to fall, effortlessly
you're unaware of everything I could be
you see the flaws and never what I could achieve
effortless, I effortlessly am the beckon to your never-ending call

this is the failure of you and I,
the words we never spoke but the actions we tried
we did it all for us, we did it all for us
never enough, for you
never good, for you
yet in small doses you manage


Ending: It's all I'll never become,
all I'll ever be is a tangled fool
a challenge for us all
and all you'll ever see
is what your mind easily deceives

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