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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Title: Lose if you have to.

We are dead, we are done
and lose if you want to
lose if you have to
do it, alone, without your mind for company

it's a war of your heart but your mind's too heavy
anchors your soul until you feel ready
and so some may say, we've been in winter, cold, for far too long
don't give up on me yet, I'll give you what I feel you deserve

Chorus: your eyes are always sore,
hang lightly from your face
when we've won, I'll wait for your arms
wide open I wait to hold you
and lose if you have to
lose if you want to
but I'll still be here
waiting for so long

promise me the words you say aren't for any other ears but mine
I'll be putting you through your paces
you'll understand where I went so wrong
and don't think I'll survive without your presence

I sip bottle by bottle to forget the way I treated you
I will love you better, through the patience and time you can't find
grant me better love, a higher touch, lose me behind your eyes


ending: lose if you have to
lose if you want to
if you have to
if you have to
be mine

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