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Monday, 29 October 2012

Title: Dexterity

I've seen lonely hands
I've seen bodies fall
and I'm waiting waiting on you
I've seen clouds low and you so high
let me go without a single goodbye
dexterity of you and I

I've witnessed buried love inside lost vessels
carried by the fear of the unknown
I see you my love, I see you passing by

chorus: I've knocked down walls for you, to see your body in the afterglow
this, this you'll never know, dexterity
I've crossed many a river to swim to you to drown in you, to drown in your form
I've lost many a day to be by your side
but you'll never know, dexterity
dex, dex, dexterity pulled apart by the tides of you and me
dex, dex, dexterity

I'm not afraid of love, I'm afraid of you
your intentions undisclosed I drift away from you
and you'll carry me in your pocket alongside your empty heart
and I'll follow you my love until we both give up
and all we have is dex, dex, dexterity


ending: to be a dreamer you must become a fool
trapped inside a single cell of hope
and I and I, I am waiting for you to appear

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