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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Title: Something good has to happen now.

in your presence
I am clueless, hopeless, restless for you
and in my eyes I make no faults
for you, for you to pick up on
and in this unappreciated moment
where are, we are hoping

and you, hold me tight
where it hurts me most
where your force kicks in my bones
and you, hold me tighter for now for her forever

Chorus: And in this white sky,
I drop, I drop like snow for you
I lay myself down on your skin
for you, to feel
and something good has to happen now
for I am getting tired
and something good has to happen now
for I am uninspired, by you

there's no way to tell that I would stay with you
a flicker from your eyes and I'm free to move
swaying in the breeze of your cold breath
I await a signal, I await your warmth yet


ending: like I always do,
the pitiful fool
and it's all, it's all for you

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