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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Title: You.

You are gold, for the price of silver
you never think, you just become
the purest light lingers on your slender shoulders
and still you believe you're nothing special
I awake tangled in you
I remain in awe of your all
awaiting for you and I to grow, to blossom

and in my daydreams,
you speak so softly
beauty flows from your lungs to your lips
and I'll wait for you to fuck up
although I fear I'll grow old before I witness your mistake
this is the only chance I've got
and it isn't enough
enough enough for us both
there's not a sea big enough for you and I

Chorus: glide over, glide over me
breathe me in, spit me out through remorseful words
you claim you're grieving
you're bound to fall
my vessel sinks fast in your shallow mind
and tell me darling, who deserves to be superior?

I, for eternity, take the blame
if only you would hold me
momentarily forget about the world
if only, if only, if only
you'd rise above the violence in which our tongues fight


ending: to rule my world
to be thought of so fondly
and in my daydreams
you speak like summer clouds
you kiss like winter rain
you act like serene justice

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