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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Title: You make the better me

I try not to think about, try not to think about it
but I'm restless in the naked light
with you by my side, yours truly
I'm restless I long for you
I caress all that I give to you
all we have, all we have is

you are enough for me to love
this time I see truth carried in rough hands
brushed into the cracks in you
and it changes, it changes, it changes me
for good
for you
for the better
for good
for you
for the better

and you are enough
enough for my begging hands to hold
join me to sweeter things
to days of content, of non plasticity

Chorus: surrender, upright
admit the unseen pillow stains
that crawl from your mind to your eyes
we take, we take, we take
all that we can so we make it
to make it together
take my body, take my hands, take everything
I'm restless, restless for you

and I had blue shades from ear to ear
but I shook them off, I crossed them off, for you
to see the better me, the habitants of the ever flowing sea
and I love, I love, I love you
a thousand skies high with you

I had to move, move, move
your motions too much
it creates nausea in my bones
the impact you have on me
do you feel it too? oh I long


ending: these four walls keep me warm for you
they never leave like you always do
I long for, long for, long for you
crave, crave, crave you
you're all I see, all I need to be a better me

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