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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Title: In my veins.

I feel you in my veins, it feels good
every time I drag your atmosphere in
I never question why we're here
all I know is that this has never felt so right
by your side

melting into your body
I divide my mind from your worries
you're everywhere I've never been
through dreams I've yet to feel
as long as your here, I don't wanna know

Chorus: How could I confess all the actions I can't express?
it starts in my chest, gets caught in my lungs, thrown out like cold air in my mouth
you're the only thing I need, the only thing I desire, that I know I want
that I could ever get, easily
test me, with all my patience we both know I'll never have
I feel you in my veins, it feels good
knowing you're the same

I've so many unanswered questions to ask you in my mind
but you're late, you're never on time and I don't know why
I wish I could kiss you a thousand lullabies
when you're lacking the time to sleep
I feel you in my veins, it feels good


ending: don't leave me now,
in the gutter of your mind
god knows why I'm here
why I stayed so long
why I actually took my time

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