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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Title: Belief in you.

It's the non existence of yourself and I
puts my eyes to shame, puts my soul to sleep
a sedative to your constant blames
a heroin who fails

and where my body lays
a collection of feathers
each branded with a little bit of you
and when you collapse, to hear the grind of your bones
you are home, you are recognised

Chorus: I can sense you're feeling lost
the paths of your mind are lead by the foolish hand in which I lead you
if you fall, I can't promise I'll stay with you
the things you can't be are there for me to see
to understand, to love you more for
I believe in you, in you

I've seen you in all your scars
caught up in wires made of previous encounters
and you're not to blame, oh of course you're not
i'll set your soul at ease
away from the dragging and gravity of the sea
I believe in you, in you


ending: and I can see you going far
as far as you feel that you can go
you think as you become
form, evolve into another
into a form better
let our hips collide
it's time for you and me
and all we can never be
to rise

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