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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Title: Change. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

All of me,
has never met your standards,
your expectations forever in the magazines

I'm a fool,
I'm bruised and I'm fallen
embedded on my skin is the scent of your breath
it lingers within

Chorus: And I could change,
but then I'd be the blame,
these lonely hands long for your warmth,
I'm wrapped up in flaws,
detailed with inner beauty,
the eye can not see
your eyes don't see me

like one big cloud,
lingering over our days together,
I guess I'll see you around
helplessly watching the new girl you've found


ending: In the deep and dark sheets,
we dream of these situations,
it's the lack of commitment and reality
that leaves us with change,
it's all for us now,
these lonely hands won't ever be warm
and your cold heart won't ever be torn

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