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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Title: Competitive minds. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

musical mind games,
I'll sit this round out,
you stay still, so still I could focus on your heartbeat
I finally feel you with your breath,
your lustrous touch leaves me with desire to understand
you want to feel love,
you want to feel love

you're the person that won't carry on if they don't win,
you're the person that with people like me will give in,
stay still, until your mind it turns from red to green
you can't do it with your worries
they seep through like any wound you've ever known
I hope you find a new direction, I hope you find perfection

Chorus: you're an improviser,
though we know you're not good at it,
let me focus on more than just your physique,
you've the mind that sees only surfaces,
you're an improviser,
although terrible in this situation,
I can see the clocks going,
I can see all that isn't so amazing

The sea it glows,
the faces they listen to you,
their bodies watch you,
you're constantly in a competition,
and darling if you lost we'd all wear thin

Show me revolution,
I had a revelation,
now that you've started this,
you've got to finish it
although you're not as deep as the ocean
your mind flows through like rivers in the wild
it fears love
it fears us


Ending: with your mind eating away at your desires,
you're left as a body in a world of disaster,
you can't stop what you've started
you've left it too late now

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