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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Title: So Sail. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Sail softly  in your world tonight,
your words they seep through to my core,
I'm no wiser than the fool who came before,
so sail softly, my love, my light

You've slipped through the cracks,
but you'd always come back,
you always said so,
people listen to you,
their bodies new

your simple intuition,
your vision you bring me joy,
you're under my skin, crawling till it wears thin
show me love or take away my fear
my frustrated heart cries for you

Chorus: something inside me was choking,
now you've let it out,
there's no words left in my mind to say
I watch you, you slipped through the cracks,
I always knew you'd come back

You and your simple visions
they bring me joy and crawl under my skin
you breathe more than my fear
you show me how you bring them near


Now that you've started the fire
you can't put it out
you've left it too late for me, I'm tired
I've been waiting far too long for another love unspoken
another love unspoken

Ending: You brang me tears and visions of joy
but you never put the fire out
I and you both know that one day I'll be broken
but for now we are broken open

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