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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Title: for all your worth Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You rule my world,
the skies above feel my pain,
my woeful sigh remains all the same
you set me far above,
you forgave to the god you never believed in

Your smile could stop any war,
but your heart could start another,
you never had any faith to put yourself in,
you're only, someone who possibly
is so much more deserved

Chorus: Grasp the thoughts before you speak,
you lack the knowledge to put any warmth within your feelings,
so somehow we're the same, we cause people such pain
but it's never your fault, oh you're never to blame
you're just a handsome disaster
with luck and lust in your name

and me, myself and I
we've never been that pretty
but the books they tried to make me witty
before all this was the silence and the panic
but we're the cheats,
we ourselves just don't believe


ending: our thoughts could meet,
but only through cables in the cold,
we've no intentions of success
and happiness lies within our pitiful souls
the silence we stored was always the blame
but we've never really realised how awful it was to play that game

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