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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Title: World (through my eyes) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I only know now,
what I knew before,
I'm a stranger to your eyes
although you've seen me before

You acknowledge my presence,
but you don't act upon it any more,
I could dream deeply of us holding hands
what would it take for you, to simply understand?

Your skin so soft it deeply betrays any comparison
your lips so loved they stray from any person
and your summer loves, they never really lasted
it's what you want and I'm happy for you baby

Chorus: I'm always here for you, forever and a day
but, if you stray from me I won't play that game
It's always you, and it's always been me
we're the hopeless youth, and in our hearts we'll always be
and I'm stuck in the shadow of your current life
I'm stuck in the shadows of constant doubt and mights

If you stuck by me,
I'd show you the world,
through my eyes,
it'd be extraordinary
I'd pull you close and never let you go
in my mind, in my mind


ending: Pull me down,
to the ocean floor,
I've left behind love
and you're always wanting more
you drag me up when it suits you,
and I'm sick and tired of always acting on your moves

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