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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Title: The world in our heads. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You once told me I could only smile,
if secretly it was full of fear,
love is a four letter word,
the youth of the world consistently use

And they all look so happy,
hands held and hearts soft
and I just have myself,
hands cold and heart full of worry

The way you hold yourself,
ever so weak and attractive,
and I can't help myself,
there's nothing I need more than me and you
I've got you and you know that it's all true
we could make this last forever
the youths definition of forever
(as long as we can)

Chorus: As soon as I see you,
you hit me like a breath of winter air,
intoxicating with no linger or scent,
as soon as I see you
I get so breathless
there's no feeling like this that I've ever felt

We've so much time,
yet we're always rushing,
rushing for perfection,
it's our own definition,
the timings not bad,
we could make this work out
We've so much time
but it's never good enough


ending: And I've never quite reminisced
of any scent other than yours
it's such a blessing for me too
to finally be acknowledged
to finally become more than a statistic
in this self-hate and disciplined world

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