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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Title: Comparison game. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Treat me like a love song,
play me ever so sweetly,
there's no need for constant disaster,
all we need is some emotion

We can take all the time in the world,
because it's all the time we've got,
we could hope for heartbreak now
or we could calmly pray for it all to stop

We could hope for someone
to hold our hands as we walk into the dark
we could pray for someone
to love us for all we are
but in reality,
we're all just judgmental souls,
it's our main instinct to fish right through them all

Chorus: And, you'd
never love like I love you
and you'd,
never treat me like I treat you
and you'd,
wish for me to be just like your world
but I'm never, never gonna be good enough

I don't have long hair,
and I don't wear those clothes
I'm not petite and I'll never never even have her nose
you expect too much,
your standards so high
like the sun in the July sky


ending: If you play comparison,
you'll always lose the girl,
she'll never her and you'll never see the world
but you're still stuck, inside that awful mind
take yourself out some time
and listen to your wise mother

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