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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Title: Intimate fears. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've never been loved,
and I've always been a fool,
but how do I decide between luck and a rule?
we're always setting boundaries,
we constantly dive away from seas
in hope of finding consistent love

I'd never think before I speak
I think makes me ever so weak,
but I'm, not changing
and I can't

we all fear the worst,
we all wear to boast,
but I'm just a soul carried in a body,
you couldn't find me, if I were trapped inside your mind
you wouldn't worry,
it'd be a lovely time

Chorus: and I'm
just another face
you'll pass by
no questions no time
you're just an arrogant male
who I've no patience for

I always fear,
that my mind takes over my body
it will control every inch of me,
every inch of sadness

I always stray,
far away from intimacy
it'll crash me down to a dusty dream
where I can finally let go
and be free


but my mind,
but my mind
takes over the luck
and it swings me back to where I never wanna be
and my mind,
I see us in a few years
we're no longer apart,
but we're together from the fear

Ending: So please, sleep next to me
my body rests and it does what you please
if you talk sweetly I'll get by,
on your lies

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