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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Title: Love me tender. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Love me tender
Love my all
Without a doubt with you
There’s chance I’ll fall

You talk so sweetly as I come to my senses,
You treat me as though you could never care for me
You’d never lose or cross lines to get me
And I’m hopelessly waiting for more than promises for us to finally be

I’m living every part of your hidden lies, your love
I’m breathing all the undiscovered memories that are so bittersweet they sting
Each wound I wear is a story from you, I proudly show my lust
As I swore I’d solemnly do

Chorus: Fall down, with your love
Your anchor bears my soul
Breaches any chance of recovery
Fall down, in my love
Let yourself in and wrap yourself up in the warmth

I wonder how I’d ever cope without you
Your smile makes my skies turn from grey to blue
I wonder how I’d ever love anyone other than you,
You taught me wisdom,
You taught me within your foolishness,
Love me tender
Or not at all


Ending: So talk sweetly,
In my eyes I see a fallen boy
Lacking any abundance of love to feed upon your body
So talk sweetly,
Love me tender,
Or not at all

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