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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Title: Hope (luck, lust, love) Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You thought you had me,
but I was never yours to keep
I strayed so far away
for those dreams, I'd never sleep

chorus : And your eyes, my sunshine
your mind, my world
carry me softly,
make me your girl
I used to wander
through the wonderful times,
I used to wonder,
if you'd ever be mine

Your skin so soft,
and your arms so weak
I'd never let you disappear,
not for a love so sleek


I've never been a painting,
and I'll never be discreet,
all I am is all I will ever be,
stuck in the sidelines of the combustion
of love and worries

ending: and I'd hope one day
you'll make someone happy,
but for now, this lust, this girl
it's not me

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