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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

TItle: I could love you better. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Will I ever be good enough?
or am I forever a disappointment?
to be loved by you, oh I
I couldn't imagine it
the words from your lips come from stories you've read,
you're not romantic, cause you think chivalry is dead

Will I ever carry the frame you always set for me?
or will I forever be a empty soul thrown inside a ocean like body
I'm done with trying,
I'm tired of this bullshit,
I'm down,
with crying,
you're wearing me down,
you've crushed me down to a dust
with no pulse left to love

Chorus: Love like a sunset,
only occurs once a day,
the words they misbehave upon your tongue
you throw letters around like they're the luck of your lungs
but you're foolish,
you can't see your path it shows nothing but consequences for us

The sun will rise, along side your fears
your starting to worry everyone around you
you can't see past the tears
your life is a lie and as is your world
it captures you as if you were a photo
it holds you down like no one's near

and there's no one to hear you,
or to understand,
you've no reason for the frown on your face
it'll never bring you down,
your scars show your hurting but they've never been around


ending: I could love you better
I could make you better my love
but you've yet to learn to live
pretense is not enough

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