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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Title: Little bit of you in me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I sail in you,
you set the sea in me,
nauseating tides they set the truth
and the fear just washes in

when the love we think we feel subsides
the rainbows are just burning bruises
it's just a little bit of me inside of you
collecting all that you lost

chorus: I'd rather dance with you,
but who'd dance with a fool,
so I'll just swim
I wander through all your dreams
and I watch as they burn bright to dim

we're all given the options,
to pass and look back
at goals we've missed
let's look a little more,
it's all the same

you're not the fool you think you are,
but I'll understand if you can't run far,
I'll hold you with my problems,
held against my face, smooth as any girl you've loved who was fake


ending: there's a little bit of you in the sun,
I'm watching you now,
you're a beautiful destruction,
created with just one hand,
whilst pulling your hair with the other

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