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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Title: Beautiful head fuck. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You're as constant as the stars,
wrapped up in all the darkness
that is us

You're as warm as my skin
on a bitter sweet wind
when I wanted more,
you left within

I'm ever so subtle with my words,
I create problems for other people,
and I know deep down I can't subside the pains
of teenage love

Chorus: Drag me down to the shore,
leave me alone, no more
I've loved you for forever and a day,
I'm not very honest,
but today I'll say that you look so lovely in the shade

You're heartbeat rhymes with my maze
I'm constantly in circles and you're to blame,
you're a head fuck,
oh what a lovely mess
we have made

And I'll promise you no more than three wise words,
if I were to love you would I be your girl?
you've none the wiser to say,
oh please behave, it's such a lovely day


Ending: Sway my body with your flaws,
skin to skin I feel them all form a bitter company
but if I were to lie I'd say that I hate them
but they're so beautiful, don't you dare say you'll break them

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