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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Title: Somebody Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'll take you away,
when your friends they have nothing lovely to say,
I'll shine brighter than I ever did before
I'll shine brighter with the love I lost before

 I'll make your dreams seem like they're so much more,
I'll wrap your heart around my sleeve
'cause there's nothing to do and there's not much to say
and when the words are sparking on our tongues, we're left for the devils play

Chorus: but we'll keep our hearts in rhythm and we'll dance the night away
and we'll sail away in our flaws and we'll make a house to stay
'cause when the lights go out and we're left speechless
I won't, I won't fade away

Your thoughts they haunt on my skin,
as your breath it leaves more than warmth,
I'm left alone within these white sheets and it's cold above
your soft touch it lingers on my skin, my flesh, my body
and the day it lasts just like the girl who waits on somebody
and I'll say to her what I said to you
through wisdom and joy
and I'll say to her what I said to you,
you'll find your boy


and we're all just waiting on somebody,
to tell us we're the one,
and we're all just hoping for somebody
to share the days in the sun
and we're all just looking for somebody
to hold us back when we run

ending: and as the sun it rises so do we,
we fall in love,
and we look for more than somebody,
but we just find lust
there's not much to say when the pain remains
inside our youthful hearts,
but we feel for you like we feel for us
don't tear our love apart


  1. Anonymous3/31/2012

    What a beautiful lyrics! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thank you very much! your opinion is highly valued! more to come :-) x