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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


There's lack of you ever being sentimental,
your romance settled with the fire,
you're not so fortunate
 when it comes to looking for something else
someone else

you've been tied down to your body
you've always let it won
it's time you stopped resenting
the reason why you're here

Chorus: And I've always had a soft spot for you,
I always do,
when you look right through me,
I go weak at my knees
and my heart begs me please don't let it go
and I feel for you, you're not so new

You've been worn,
you've been torn down
by the thoughts inside your head
and I've always promised my mother
to look and care for you instead

Here's the thing
I often say
don't let it bring you down
your time will come and we'll all sing
heavens found us


ending: And I've always been lonely,
I've always been on the back seat,
and I've strayed far from your eyes

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