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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Title: Are you mine now?

We stay up waiting for an expected arrival
the lingering worry of your departure
and I don't need love, it only gets in my hearts way
oh baby are you still mine, will you forever be?
do you sway into the wind when you're alone?
oh baby are you still stoned still?
and this lust is like a movement in the night

and your eyes were flowing with the dusky signals of the sun
yet you're fuelled up with your heavy mind
the insufficient creativity of you and I
forever pretending this is where we'll always be
do you really want to be gone?

chorus: I lay open for you to remember
how you used to be
oh baby, not so innocent and pure in this tranquility
tomorrow doesn't matter as long as our sheets feel clean
and we're fired up with heavy hands
you're lost in the movement of the night

oh sweet dreams I've never had
encounters of your eyes meeting mine
a gaze I'd hold until I leave this world
and it's this lust that's like tension, and it's just right
and we fall into the sky through floating whispers

and we're still exhausted for this is never ending


ending: you weep into the creases of my pillow
you can't take the built up trust inside
and do you really want to be like this for a while?
prepare your shyness into the warmth
for this dismount is like a body which burns bright

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