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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Title: 2 bodies

I wear my night shade to beckon you
you've become a stray to my one night loving
and this bed it keeps me warm
stains me in sinful remorse
and it's the contact of your skin, the lingering substance that wears my veins thin
and you're in my body, absorbing any remains of hope
that this could ever get better

and its' the day we won't ever remember
that day we asked for more than this is
and I would give myself to you, for nothing less than a collaboration of memories
and you're dragging me across the silky sky
and my heart is crashing against the rocks
and it's your bodies tide that brings me to my feet
yet I swore I'd never fall, for any fool, you an exception

Chorus: and our two hearts are chained
any amount of hope that any other could have hoped for
it's all diminished within the look in your eyes
they flicker and shift within the motion of my smile
and it's our intimacy, which we never lack any of
and our two hearts are chained
a situation in which we are denying

and it's from my lungs, you're drained
you sieve through toxicity thrown from my mouth
and it seeps into your mind like late night tales
and it keeps you awake, the cold that pinches your skin pale
and it's from my lips, the words you can never say


ending: it's the one night warmth
that your body craves
it's the bitter taste when you're walking away
and it's the one night warmth
that your body craves
but your mind was never here, and your body won't stay

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