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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Title: Everything with someone like you

with someone like you, everything feels alright
bitter tastes evaporate from my broken lungs
I'd hope that you're the one, if not, you are my prototype
I'll tip toe around your mind until you let me in again
and I'll say it too soon, those seven words
laced in doubt, laced in lust, laced in you

your bedroom eyes
undress me with words of quiet beauty
you flicker, you sway, you absorb my silence
if we happened to part in the lingering morning
we're here for a reason
with someone like you, everywhere I look
the world is returned in bright colours
and my steps fool the ground with fallen desire

Chorus: with you, everything is easily said
we enjoy nights of comfortable quietness
you've taken what you need, and I give you what you aim for and more
we never speak of words we'll regret
we never let our dreams rush to our head
and accusations, if any, we aren't to blame
with you, everything is a smoother grain to push against

my personal fortune, mine to make the most of
we lack false illusions, although I'll say you're delusional
I know deep down I want to agree with you, I do
it's all in its right place, arranged in subtle need and want
knowledge walks miles on your sprawled sheets when your body is vacant


ending: everything is alright, with someone like you

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