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Friday, 9 November 2012

Title: A-wareness

We're both aware deep down, you're feeling something else
something that you can't disclose
it's the desire to be latched onto someone else
without feeling anything more than doubtful remorse

you and I know that you're better than this
but you're stuck in the blind spot of this all
and I could pick you up and put you in your place
knowing that you wouldn't fall
and it's this, you do it yourself
without awareness as to your faults

chorus: are you looking for someone better for you?
someone that will pick up the destruction after everything you'll never do
and are you alright by yourself tonight? I'll be the warmth to surround you
it's the piercing kisses that I get from your lips, the rarity
that tell me all that I will ever need to know
and it's the blue on your hips that show me that you're mine to hold

on the other hand, I'd like to let you go
but it's something that I can't do alone, yeah
and you waste in sighs as the morning grows
and you never want to wake up all alone


ending: You knew from the start
we'd never depart on anything less than broken promises
you knew from the start
that you felt and you're feeling something else

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