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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Title: self-promise

So now that the light has gone,
Are you gonna take me home?
Or leave me alone,
Like last time, last time
Leave me on my own,
Like last time…

You know you’ve got my heart,
From day one we’ll never be apart,
You promised me lots of things
That would make me happy
And I said to you,
I said to you..
Those 8 letters

I love,
I love, love, love
But you’ve got my heart
Im afraid of what you capable of (of)
You’ve got my heart,
Im afraid of what you’ll do to it,
My heart, heart, heart, heart.

I always promised myself,
Never to fall in love,
Unless I was sure, of it…
And I made myself,
Build up all this luck,
So I could trip and fall
Domino effect, spilt it all

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