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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Title: For

This is for us, the remains formed in stone
this is the place where we don't feel alone
and I, will never belong
in the arms of your doubts
they hold me softly and sing me to sleep
in the voice I feel pinch my ears
I, will never belong

for you, for me
I'll evolve until there's nothing left of my broken body
until I disappear, for you
and to you
I'm home

Chorus: It's hidden in the gaps of your smile
your light freedom that drags with every kiss
and my skin feels golden, my breath is cold and it bites
and this is where you plant yourself in me
this heart has soil plenty for a tree
and you're a colour, green
my cheeks turn rosy at the thought of you never leaving
and in the wounds of your skin I climb in the dark
I see your world, and it's hidden,
but it's for you, it's for me

I held you tightly, bodies close
but your eyes distant, miles away from this constant cry I bleed
I pressed your skin to mine
and I did this for you, for me too

I capture this gaze with no more but my minds reality
and you disappear, completely
far away, you swam the oceans and left my body in the sea
weighed down with loves despair
no longer a fear, no longer a memory


Ending: the start of the departure,
the beginning of the near end
it's for you, it's for me
and to you
I'm home, a place you'll never be
my body cold and slumbered
a sight you'll never see

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